Qualifying applications will be reviewed and scored according to the following point system Points will not be given unless the applicant provides written documentation (letters from employers on company letterhead, DD214, course certificates, school transcripts, etc.)



     MAXIMUM 15 points

High School Diploma 10 points      3.0 or better GPA
High School Diploma  5 points    2.0 to 2.99 GPA
GED with 255 points or more

 5 points

  (255 points prior to 12/31/01 or 2550 after  1/1/02)    
BS/BA Degree 10 points  
AS/AA Degree  7 points  

Classes listed below will be given points based upon the following:

MAXIMUM 25 points

The best class term or semester will be used.  The same class cannot be counted twice.

** 5 points                      A (4.0) grade per semester credit or equivalency
** 3 points                      B (3.0) grade per semester credit or equivalency
** 2 point                       C (2.0) grade per semester credit or equivalency
** 1 point                       P (Passing) grade with no letter grade or equivalency
MTH 060 Algebra I Drafting MFG 103 Welding Technology 1
MTH 065 Algebra II MFG 101 Blueprint Reading MFG 116 Mfg Electrical Systems
College Algebra 189 First Aid and CPR MFG 241 Electrical Motor Control
Geometry National Electric Code MFG 242 Programmable Logic Controllers1
Trigonometry   MFG 243 Industrial Sensors
    MFG 245 Electrical Control/Fluid Power

      Course numbers represent classes offered locally at Central Oregon Community College.  This program will accept equivalent courses from nationally accredited education institutions.                           


MAXIMUM 25 points

High School Construction Class 15 points with passing grade
Pre-Apprenticeship 10 points with successful completion
Pre-Apprenticeship-Electrical Related 15 points with successful completion
Trade Schools

MAXIMUM 20 points

     Electrical construction related 10 points per certificate - 20 points maximum
     Construction related courses

 5 points per certificate - 20 points maximum

On the Job

MAXIMUM 20 points

     *Electrical construction experience 2 points per month  (20 points maximum)
     *Construction related experience 1 point per month   (15 points maximum)
     *Electrical supplier experience 1 point per month   (10 points maximum)
     *General work experience 1/2 point per month (10 points maximum)

*Note:  Documentation must be on company letterhead or notarized

1 month = 115 hours or more on the job

VALID DRIVERS LICENSE                                                                                                                              MAXIMUM 3 points

REFERENCES                                     (1 point each)                                                                                    MAXIMUM 2 points

PANEL INTERVIEW 10 Minutes Only                                                                                                           MAXIMUM 110 points

                                                                                             Total Possible combined Point system and Interview 220  points